Luxury Classic & Contemporary Bedroom Furniture


Our collection of luxury classic & contemporary bedroom furniture is full of eclectic tastes. Flowing across both contemporary and traditional the range of bedroom furniture spans from contemporary Hotel chic to traditional Palace ready. As with all our collections, our pieces can be made to bespoke sizes and our collections are perfect for creating the opulent bedroom look. There are over 100 finishes to choose from. Create a bedroom from our hard woods, precious veneers or have the full base and head board upholstered. Our pieces are all adaptable and we will be happy to customize your pieces to create the perfect luxury bedroom for you.


The Traveler Luxury Contemporary Bedroom Furniture Collection 

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TRAVELER Chest Of Drawers





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 TRAVELER Night Stand


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The Traveler collection as part of the Contemporary bedroom furniture range uses embossed leather with leather strapping to create the theme of travel. 

We have a full bedroom furniture range in the Traveler collection which spans from night stands, chest of drawers, wardrobe, beds & headboards as well as trunks. The range sits well with most other collections providing an eclectic mix.

Each one of the pieces is hand crafted with leather panels fixed in place with metal studding. The handles are made out of the leather strapping which wraps the pieces in an old timely travel style. 

All the pieces in this collection are available in numerous different leather colours to create the perfect harmonious luxury bedroom.



The Randa Luxury Contemporary Bedroom Furniture Collection

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Troya Armchair

Code: S1431

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Randa Headboard

Code: S3625/00 


Randa Nightstand 

Code: S3615/00



Using a more contemporary finish to create a contemporary version of the Randa furniture collection.

The high gloss painted finish over the intricate detailing makes for an eclectic stance on the rest of the collection.

Obviously, all the finishes are available and this range would look equally fabulous in with a Traditional hint.

The bedroom range has brought an elegant headboard to the collection. The simple upholstered middle section with a perfectly sculptured border and frame.

Complimentary collections such as the Troya show in the image above work perfectly to create a magical bedroom living area.


The Master Luxury Contemporary Bedroom Furniture Collection

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Master Commode with 4 Drawers

Code: A3100/00 


Master Headboard

Code: A3120/00


Master Night Table

Code: A3115/00

As part of a high-end hotel collection, the Master bedroom range is functional as well as super contemporary. High gloss lacquered finish in a range of colours with latticed embossed leather wrapping as detailing.

For the consumer out there that wasn’t elegant contemporary luxury this is definitely the range for you. Nothing shouts out too much but the detail is still immaculately finished with the highest quality leathers.

The luxury bedroom furniture range goes from Chest of Drawers, Night stands and a wide range of different sized Headboards.


The Jacks Luxury Contemporary Bedroom Furniture Collection

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Jacks Bed & Headboard

Code: A2426 

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Cros Suitcase Side table 

Code: A0690

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Boatin Ceramic Lamp Stand

Code: L1001

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The Jacks bedroom collection comprises of the statement bed wrapped in embossed leather and detailed with contrasting leather strapping. Available in a wide range of different coloured leathers to meet any taste. 

Expertly created to work with other pieces from other furniture collections at Coleccion Alexandra.

The Cros Suitcase table, pictured above with its similarities to the Jacks bed works in harmony with embossed leather and contrasting strapping.  Also featured is the Boatin Ceramic table lamp which elegantly finishes the room set with equal power to the bed. 

The Alba Luxury Contemporary Bedroom Furniture Collection

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Eclipse Armchair

Code: S1450

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The Alba upholstered bed & headboard

Code: S4956

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Valentina Night Table

Code: S1240

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The Alba bedroom collection is the perfect centrepiece for any luxury bedroom. 

The bed is a fully upholstered bed base with an elegant spiralled headboard and centre ring. 

In the above image, the Alba bed sits happily with pieces from the Valentina collection and the Eclipse chair.

The Valentina Luxury Contemporary Bedroom Furniture Collection

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Valentina 3 drawer Night Table

Code: S1253

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Valentina Headboard

Code: S1236/00

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Valentina Sideboard

Code: S1244

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Beautifully charming, the Valentina collection has an Old English Cottage style about it. 

Almost Equestrian in style with Pony style tassels and suedes featuring throughout the collection. 

The bed features deep buttons and a wing back style headboard. 

The Leonid Luxury Contemporary Bedroom Furniture Collection

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Lancaster Wing Chair

Code: S1965

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Leonid Headboard

Code: A2650 

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Lancaster Footstool

Code: S1970

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Whilst many would argue that the overall Leonid collection would classify as Classic, we feel that this headboard in the bedroom collection can be part of the Contemporary bedroom furniture. 

Bold with a classic/contemporary twist, the headboard has a strength about it. The small diamond fabric upholstered the middle section and is outlined in the black painted finish 

Complimentary collections are as shown - the Lancaster collection with its soft curves helps soften the bold headboard of the Leonid. 

The Lauren Luxury Contemporary Bedroom Furniture Collection

Lauren chest of Drawers

Code: A3060

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Lauren Headboard

Code: A3055

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Lauren Desk

Code: A3030/00 

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As part of a new collection, the Lauren bedroom collection is subtly bold.

With corresponding bedroom furniture with daring linear lines in a contrast colour, the Lauren collection is far from timid. 

If you require any more technical details on our range of luxury bedrooms please do get in touch with us. You can contact us using our detail on our contact page. We will be more than happy to help. If you have a propensity to create something completely bespoke, then we would love to be involved.

 Alternatively, please download our Pictorial Index catalogue for more information.

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