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Luxury Beds & Headboards


Our collection of luxury classic & contemporary Beds & Headboards is full of beautiful selections. Flowing across both contemporary and traditional the range of beds and headboards spans from contemporary Hotel chic to traditional Palace ready. As with all our collections, our pieces can be made to bespoke sizes and our collections are perfect for creating the opulent bedroom look. There are over 100 finishes to choose from. Create a bedroom from our hardwoods, precious veneers or have the full base and headboard upholstered. Our pieces are all adaptable and we will be happy to customize your pieces to create the perfect luxury bedroom for you.


The Master Headboard 


Master Headboard - oversized

Code: A3200 / A3205


Master Headboard

Code: A3120 / A3125 / A3130





The Troyano Headboard & Bed

Troyano Headboard & Bed

Headboard Code: S1190 - S1192  Bed Code: A8670 - A8672 


Troyano Headboard

Headboard Code: S1190 - S1192  


Troyano Storage Bed

Bed Code: A8670 - A8672





The Traveler Headboard


Traveler Headboard

Code: A0765 - A0760


Traveler Sofa Bed

Code: A0925


Traveler Sofa Bed

Code: A0930







The Lauren Headboard

Lauren Headboard

Code: A3045 / A3050 / A3055






Valentina Headboard

Code: S1236 / S1237 / S1238

The Alba Bed


Alba Bed

Code: S4955 / S4956 / S4957


Alba Bed

Code: S4955 / S4956 / S4957






Alba Bed

Code: S4955 / S4956 / S4957

The Randa Headboard

Randa Headboard

Code: S3625 / S3630 / S3635






The Jacks Bed

Jacks Bed

Code: A2426 / A2427 / A2428


Jacks Bed

Code: A436 / A2437 / A2438


Jacks Bed

Code: A436 / A2437 / A2438

If you require any more technical details on our range of luxury bedrooms please do get in touch with us. You can contact us using our detail on our contact page. We will be more than happy to help. If you have a propensity to create something completely bespoke, then we would love to be involved.

 Alternatively, please download our Pictorial Index catalogue for more information.

If you would like a hard copy, please do contact us.