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Luxury Safes UK

Coleccion Alexandra have extended their Traveler collection to include a range of luxury safes. The Traveler range embodies the era of luxury travel, adorned in embossed leather and flaunting delicate chrome details, buckles and handles.

In keeping with all their pieces, the Traveler luxury safe can be created in bespoke sizes and comes in a plethora of internal and external finishes. Choose from fine suedes, velvets and veneers for the internals and a vast array of leathers for the exterior. 

Of particular importance is the fact that these safes come in a variety of security ratings, including the highest rating of Eurograde 7 rating.    

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luxury safes UK


We only use the finest leathers for our pieces and this is also true for the Traveler luxury safe. We use the top layer of hide, ensuring the highest quality of leather. We can heat emboss the leather to give the pieces depth and subtle details. However, if you would prefer the natural textures of the leather do the talking, then this can also be created.


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embossed leather

One of our core beliefs is to create a canvas on which our clients can express themselves. As such, we strive to ensure that all of our pieces can be adapted and moulded to your every whim. The exterior of these luxury safes not only come in over 100 colours, but different textures and embossings are also possible. Not only this, but the exterior metal finishes as well as the straps can be altered to give numerous configurations of colours and looks. The interiors are just as adaptable as the exteriors. Choose between luxurious semi-precious veneers, such as Macassar Ebony or Walnut or the depth and softness of suedes and velvets. Not only can the materials be changed, but also the internal configurations. 

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Gun Metal leather luxury safes
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External Leather Options For Luxury Safes


External configurations for the Traveler Luxury safe UK




The Traveler range is by no means limited to the Traveler safe. This collection of luxury pieces, adorned in leather, comes in a vast array of pieces. From walk-in-wardrobes and bedroom items to drinks bars and even pool tables. This range is perfect for creating a theme that can pull together the design of a home in its entirety. 

View the rest of the Traveler collection in its entirety here.

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If you require any more technical details on our range of luxury safes please do get in touch with us. You can contact us using our detail on our contact page. We will be more than happy to help. If you have a propensity to create something completely bespoke, then we would love to be involved.

 Alternatively, please download our Safe catalogue for more information. If you would like a hard copy, please do contact us.


Traveler Luxury Safe Catalogue