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Luxury Home Cinema Room & Bespoke Home Cinema Seating

When it comes to a home cinema room and in particular home cinema seating, our designs are no different from our other creations. We always strive to question the accepted norms of traditional design. 

Prevalently you will find home cinema rooms and home cinema furniture that merely caters for the masculine 'boys toys' clientele. However, there is very little on the market that is conducive for making a home theatre aesthetically suitable for a family room.

This is not to say that we have anything against leather clad cinema rooms and basement man-caves. In fact, some of our favourite projects have been such rooms. However, our goal has always been to craft furniture that is adaptable enough to suit everyone's propensities. We believe our range of home cinema furniture meets this goal.   



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luxury recliner, home cinema room, home cinema seating, home cinema seats, cinema chairs, recliner seating, modular sofa


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cinema sofa, home cinema sofa, reclining sofa


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Our Cosmopol range of home cinema chairs and sofas are amazingly adaptable. To start off with they can be clad in any fabric that you might be able to conceive. From real and faux leathers to suedes, velvets and even cashmere. Essentially, we can craft our seating to meet your every whim. 

The entirety of the Cosmopol range comes in either an electric or manual version. The electric variety allows the furniture to transform into a recliner chair with the leg rest and head rest reclining independently.

However, this beautiful little reclining cinema chair is so much more than a mere home cinema seat. The genius in its design is it modular functionality. Remove an arm and another chair can be added, creating a beautiful chains of cinema seating that can all recline independently.

home theatre seating, luxury home cinema

The Cosmopol range comes in an array of shapes and sizes and the standard modules can be seen to the right. However, every space is unique and as such, we don't limit ourselves to standard sizes.

Whether you are looking for a normal cinema room sofa or want a double chaise lounge, each piece can be made to bespoke sizes. As a general rule for theses pieces each seat (excluding the arms) can be manufactured to be 60cm-90cm wide, with the standard size being 80cm.

cosmopol home theatre seating chain

Naturally, for those looking for a more conventional home theatre, it is possible to link our Cosmopol home cinema seating together to create beautiful chains of cinema seats. However, if you strive to be different you could 'chain-up' a variety of modules to create a truly unique chain of home theatre seating. Take a look at some of the plans below for a bit of inspiration.

home theatre seating, home theatre, chain of cinema seating, luxury cinema seating
home cinema seats, luxury cinema seats
cinema technical drawings, home cinema design, home theatre design
cinema technical drawings, home cinema design, home theatre design

The Cosmopol home cinema seating can be customised and made completely bespoke. Below is an example of two customisations. From mulliner stitched arms, embossing and wooden inserts, we are happy to to create a completely personal range of seating.

You just wont be able to find this level of luxury home theatre cinema seating anywhere else in the world. Of course, these cinema seats come with all the accessories, from refrigerated drinks holders, charging ports and leather satchels for storage.


A relatively new addition to the Cosmopol Collection is the inclusion of the Cosmopol corner piece. This corner piece transforms what is a luxurious and soft cinema seat into a wonderful corner sofa. This L-shaped sofa design allows for a unique reclining sofa, where every module pulls out into a lounge position, whilst keeping the design of the sofa as a more traditionally shaped piece, suitable for any home.  You can view an example of the L-shaped sofa in the image below.

corner sofa, l shaped sofa, recliner sofa, reclining sofa, recliner seating, reclining seating

 Below is a beautiful example of how this beautiful range of home cinema seating can be moulded and adapted to a client's needs. This piece is finished in a wonderfully high end crushed velvet and it incorporates two double chaise lounges and a single chaise lounge to form one huge home theatre day-bed. Although the theatre day-bed ties together the seating area, each back-rest is still individual and electronically adjusts so that you can find the perfect position.

In its entirety this home theatre chaise lounge could easily seat 10 people and will do so with unparalleled comfort. The fabric creates a wonderfully unique finish whilst the piece brings a dramatic scale to a room   


cinema chaise, large cinema daybed, cinema sofa, theatre daybed,


Another example of using the different modules at your disposal is to incorporate two chaise lounges on either side of two standard modules to create a U-shape.This gives the viewer the best of both worlds. The two images below show two configurations of luxury home cinema seating in exactly this format.

The viewer can choose to use the central modules, which extend out as cinema recliner seating or choose to use the cinema chaise lounges on either side for their extra length. Of course, the combinations of modules is completely up to you and you really can get creative with our home theatre seating.


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Luxury Home Cinema Seating
luxury curved cinema seats


The ATLANTA cinema seating comes in numerous configurations and finishes. It boasts leather arms, but the body finishes are fairly endless. The Atlanta cinema seating uses a two part leg mechanism, which allows for an additional footrest for additional comfort. Theses pieces are extra wide to ensure maximum comfort, but can be made to any width.


One of the ket features of the Atlanta luxury cinema seating is the addition of the cheese wedge arm that allow you to create beautiful curved cinema seats. This can help give every position in your home theatre the optimum viewing experience.


Luxury home theatre and cinema chair




cinema room sofa, comfy sofa, recliner sofa, electric sofa
home cinema installation, home cinema design, home cinema furniture

Our Boston range (pictured above is the Boston Home Cinema Sofa) is a new range brought to the market this year. The Boston Range optimises indulgent comfort. Not only have we added extra thick inter liner and stuffing but this beautiful piece also come with a unique relax motion device.

The two image above are the same sofa. With the flick of a switch, your amazingly comfortable sofa extends into an overly indulgent chaise lounge. Just like our Cosmopol creations, this range is modular and sections can be added together to create a variety of shapes and sizes.  

grey sofa, comfy sofa, cinema room sofa, home cinema sofa
home cinema seating, contemporary living room furniture, contemporary home cinema room, cinema living room, man cave, boys toys



home cinema furniture, home cinema sofa, recliner sofa
home cinema furniture, recliner sofa, home cinema chairs

Our Boston Pure range of home cinema sofas and other furniture is the evolution of the standard Boston Range, with a sleeker, contemporary edge.  Like the Boston range the relax motion device allows for sofas to transform into chaise lounges and the range is equally adaptable.

Being modular, you can form all shapes and sizes and choose from a plethora of fabrics. In line with the sleek design, the arms are adorned in leather, making this piece perfect for the ultimate man-cave cinema room.

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home cinema ideas, home cinema furniture, home cinema seating, home cinema design, home cinema chairs
home cinema room, home cinema ideas, luxury home cinema, home theatre room, home cinema sofa

Not only do we create all of our cinema seating in bespoke shapes and sizes, but we also make entirely bespoke cinema room fit outs. The wall upholstery is of particular importance in a cinema room. To create a truly immersive experience the walls of a cinema room should stop sound refracting. Specialist treatment and fabrics can be applied to walls to ensure sound is absorbed.

Not only does this ensure a better experience, but it also gives our design team the opportunity to create something truly beautiful. Below is an example of one of our favourite designs. This design utilises a Herringbone effect, upholstered in a faux suede to give texture to the walls and create an opulent finish.


home cinema walls, home theatre walls, wall upholstery, cinema room walls, theatre room walls

Our Cinema Rooms are as bespoke as our cinema room furniture. Not only do we manufacture the home cinema seating, but we can also craft entire cinema rooms.

All the wall panelling you see in the visuals used above are manufactured in our factory on the outskirts of Valencia and we can craft anything your mind can conceive, down to the leather goods and the accessories.

We craft furniture for a global market and even have a team of AV experts who have had the privilege of working on some of the world's most exciting projects. 

If you have a project you think we could help with, please do contact info@coleccionalexandra.co.uk 

We would be enamoured to help.