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The Rise Of The Corner Sofa & Curved Sofa

Over the years we have seen a steady rise in the popularity of both the corner sofa and the curved sofa. Whether this is due to a change in people's propensities or a general yearning for a move away from the traditional living room set up, there can be no doubt that these sofas, in their modular form, are becoming more in-demand.


As ever, we always try to create unique designs, that are adaptable to meet our client's every whim. As such, we offer great diversity that stems from our standard ranges. For example, if you have a space that has a beautifully curved wall and you would like one of our pieces to follow the geometry of the curve, we will be more than happy to adapt one of our curved sofas to meet your specifications. Alternatively, if you have fallen in love with one of our corner sofas or curved sofas but don't have the space to flaunt it, we will be happy to down-scale our designs to fit with your needs. Our pieces truly are bespoke and should be treated as a blanc canvas. 

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The Ringo Curved Sofa


Arguably one of our most iconic pieces, the Ringo curved sofa optimises unique design and breathtaking opulence. This piece effortlessly transcends contemporary and traditional design. With a change of the fabric this piece will sit as proudly in a historic building as it would in a modern penthouse apartment.   

Below, you can view a few different finishes the Ringo Curved Sofa can come in. However, the options truly are endless. What's more, as the the sofa is a curved modular sofa, the centre piece can be removed to make a smaller sofa. We can also make each section bespoke, changing both the size and the angle of the bend of  the curved sofa.  

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contemporary curved sofa, white sofa, circular sofa,
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If you would like more information on the Ringo Curved Sofa the please do click on the links below. You will be able to view HD images as well as download the images for presentations etc. You will also be able to find more information on finishes and fabrics as well as dimensions. If you would like to view the prices of these pieces then please do register with us here or get in contact with us via our contact page.

silver curved sofa, luxury curved sofa, unusual sofa, large sofa




Measurements (WLH): 164 x 107 x 93 (cm)





Measurements (WLH): 164 x 102 x 93 (cm)




Measurements (WLH): 164 x 107 x 93 (cm)


luxury corner sofa, grey corner sofa, large corner sofa, modular corner sofa






The Alba Corner Sofa is another one of our spectacular sofas. Its beauty is in its simplicity. With big, bold and voluptuous arms detailed with a delicate spiral design, this piece epitomises understated but distinct luxury. Like, the Ringo Curved Sofa, this corner sofa can easily fill a large space, but being modular, can also be reduced to fit a smaller space. In fact, one of the sofa's greatest attributes is that due to it being a modular corner sofa, it can beautifully frame a room or act as an island of comfort in the centre of a room.


Again, with the change of a fabric, this piece can sit as eloquently in a traditional home as it would a contemporary house. Peruse a few of the images below to get a feel of the different faces the Alba Corner Sofa can use. The links at the bottom of the page will give you more details on the sofa's dimensions and sizes.

corner sofa, large corner sofa, luxury corner sofa
grey luxury sofa, dark sofa, grey sofa, luxury sofa
luxury cream sofa, cream sofa, luxury sofa


The above image is not of the corner sofa but it does illustrate the different fabrics and finishes that the Alba Corner Sofa can come in. If you would like more details on the Alba Corner Sofa then visit the product page here: Alba Corner Sofa


The Boston Corner Sofa


The Boston Sofa is unique in more than one way. This range of sofas is described as our Super-Soft range. We use 3 inches of super soft foam, on top of a thicker layer of foam to ensure that there is no overall sagging in the filling. Together, these foams create a luxuriously soft sofa that is perfect for relaxing on. 


The Boston Sofa is modular and comes in a variety of options. You can choose between having sleek, smaller leather arms or larger, plush upholstered arms. Of course, we can make all our pieces bespoke, so if you would prefer something in the middle, all you have to do is ask.

large sofa, large corner sofa, plush corner sofa, corner sofa
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luxury corner sofa, heritage corner sofa, traditional corner sofa, large corner sofa

The above images and renders showcase the Boston Corner Sofa with with the plush upholstered arms. Naturally, it is available in an endless array of fabrics and you can even use fabrics you have sourced yourself.

The image below shows the Boston Corner Sofa with the narrower, leather arms. this look is arguably more suitable for a man cave or games room.

Here you can find a much more in-depth view of the Boston & the Boston Corner Sofa.

large corner sofa, man cave sofa, games room sofa, plush corner sofa, super soft sofa


The Cosmopol Corner Sofa


The Cosmopol Corner sofa is an option with many hidden talents and really is a bag of tricks. The render below shows the Cosmopol Corner Sofa in its standard form. However, it is also possible to have the Cosmopol Sofa installed with a 'relax motion device'. This essentially allows each module of your corner sofa to turn into a reclining sofa, with independently moving neck rest and leg rest. 

corner sofa, luxury corner sofa, soft corner sofa, plush corner sofa


The controls for the relax motion device are hidden down the side of the seat cushion to ensure the aesthetics of the sofa stay untouched. see the two images below to get an impression of the sofa with the relax motion device. You will be able to find much more about the Cosmopol Corner Sofa.

reclining sofa, recliner, luxury reclining sofa
reclining sofa


All of our corner sofas come in a plethora of finishes and fabrics. We can colour match finishes and we can use your own fabrics. Whilst we do have standard sizes, we can also make bespoke sizes. We will work with you to create the perfect pieces for you. If you need any help, please do get in touch with us.