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Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes and Luxury Walk in Wardrobes

Being able to create fitted wardrobes and walk in wardrobes that don't feel like isolated extremities of the home is an important principle. Like the other rooms in the house, this space should also flow effortlessly and can be a reflection of the bedroom and other rooms as well.

One of Coleccion Alexandra's core goals is to create collections that are not only adaptable but allow our clients to complete entire homes that effortlessly flow from one room to another. Naturally, this includes being able to create fitted wardrobes that mirror details of the rest of the home.

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Whilst having an entire Traveler Bedroom, as seen above, may be taking this principle to the extreme, using the free standing traveler wardrobe (as seen above) as a beautiful and unusual anchor point from which to build an entire Traveler Walk In Wardrobe, finished in the beautiful embossed leather of the Traveler range can create a beautiful and free flowing space. In particular, the sliding door wardrobes create a wall of leather that really brings something special to a space.

The benefit of using our pieces is that everything can be made bespoke. This is especially true for our walk in wardrobes. As every space is as different as each of our clients and their propensities, it is essential that we can work around you. 


Below is an example of a walk in wardrobe that has integrated radiators and even a small kitchen to allow for morning cups of tea. If you can imagine it we will create it. However we have numerous finishes and types of wardrobes you can choose. Please do peruse a selection of our fitted wardrobes.

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The finished fitted wardrobe will not only be beautiful and designed specifically for your needs, but it will be effortless. Designed, crafted and installed by one team. View below the plans for the completed walk in wardrobe in the images above.

luxury walk in wardrobe, walk in wardrobe,
walk in wardrobe, fitted wardrobe, bespoke wardrobe

The process of creating bespoke wardrobes is relatively simple. We will first meet you and discuss your needs for either your wardrobe or walk in wardrobe. Every ones needs are specific. Would you prefer everything to be enclosed or open for easy access? Do you require additional space for shoes or bags. Would you prefer ordinary doors, sliding doors or pocket doors? Would you like sections to be back lit and made a feature of? Obviously, the the finishes for the externals and the carcass' are essential and our options are endless. The internal finishes are as important as the external. Do you want your wardrobes' internals adorned in suede, mirror or oak? The options are endless. Every client is different and we realise that we need to be adaptable to allow for this. 


We will send a team to survey the space to ensure that the bespoke fitment will be a perfect fit. We will also send you our sample library so that you can choose between 50 different options of leather or countless options of wood finishes. You can also choose between numerous options of embosses. From the delicate embossed pyramid to the iconic Traveler embossing. You can find all of our finishes in our Acabados Catalogue.

luxury contemporary jewellery box, The Traveler jewellery box on a stand
luxury jewellery box, This modern jewellery box is adorned in leather.
luxury jewellery box, The Traveler jewellery box is adorned in leather.


Not only can we make a completely customised walk in wardrobe for you, but we can accessorise it with all the luxury bells and whistles that you might need. From bespoke sized jewellery boxes to customisable watch safes. For more on our Traveler watch safes, please visit our dedicated page to Watch Safes.




Of course, you don't have to go to the extreme of an entire bedroom and  bespoke walk in wardrobe all clad in leather. The Traveler range just happens to be one of our favourite collections.

Below are a few more examples of fitted wardrobes that we have created. Not only can the externals be made in a plethora and finishes, but the internals are just as diverse. Whether you want your wardrobes' internals to be adorned in suede, oak or mirror the options are endless. And of course,  we will be more than happy to offer suggestions.

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fitted bedroom wardrobes, bespoke wardrobes, fitted wardrobes, luxury walk in wardrobes

Another one of our favourite processes is to create hidden doorways that lead to en-suites or secondary lounging areas of the bedroom. It is a great way of incorporating and making a feature of our fitted wardrobes, whilst seamlessly partitioning the bedroom. below is an example of a fitted wardrobe disguising the entrance to further wardrobe space and the ensuite.

secret wardrobe door, secret door, fitted wardrobe, bespoke wardrobe


We should also note that our luxury walk in wardrobes can be down scaled to ordinary, smaller fitted wardrobes for the less grande bedrooms. Below are a few images of our Compass range, which makes for a beautiful, simplistic look, with elegant simple lies and finishes.


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Of course, you can always take the idea of having a seamless bedroom and walk in wardrobe even further and extend the design into your bathroom or en-suite. You could, if you wished have an entire space dedicated to a particular style and have it running from you bedroom to your fitted walk in wardrobe and even into the bathroom. Seamless design. 

bespoke bathroom cupboards, cloakroom suites, complete bathroom suites

If you would like to know more about our fitted wardrobes or our walk in wardrobes, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us. It would be our pleasure to talk you through the process and show you what we can do. Please to get in contact with concierge@coleccionalexandra.co.uk or info@coleccionalexandra.co.uk